New candidates may apply for membership with a recommendation from an active member & two approvals from active founding members. All new candidates must pay enrollment fees in full prior to becoming a group member.


  • Membership dues must be current at all times.
  • Member must volunteer at a minimum of 2 race or event per year.
  • Members must attend a minimum of 1 meeting per year.
  • Members must waive all rights to photos or likeness on the website or any promotional materials.Exceptional sportsmanship, character & attitude must be displayed at races.
  • Members must race / participate in a minimum of 2 races per year unless excused by a Physician.
  • Members have the option of writing race reports for the BPRT blog & website
  • Members must wear a Big Pistachio Team logo at some point in the calendar year of membership. (Bonus points for wearing the team logo during a race.) Hugs, kisses & applause for wearing the logo in a photo during a race.
  • Members should expect hazing from the “Bust A” Nut.
  • Hazing of “Bust A” Nut is optional.​
  • Douche bag warning! Members may be removed from the team at any time by majority vote of the Board for any reason. Members must kick ass!​


Membership enrollment can happen anytime during the year under the following membership fee structure. All memberships expire December 31 11:59pm annually. Founding Members have the right of refusal of membership renewal of any membership candidate.

Jan 1 – March 31 $99.00
April 1- June 30 $75.00
July 1 – September 30 $50.00
October 1 – December 31 $25.00

All membership fees are subject to change.


  • Volunteer to be a Satellite Team Captain – Nut Leader!
  • Dedicated Group Workout Calendar
  • Dedicated Weekly Group Workout Schedule email
  • Access to post on Big Pistachio Racing FB page
  • Support from Coach Erin for Satellite Coaching and Training
  • Recruit other Nuts to your team.
  • All athletes have access to Members Only area of website
  • All athletes featured on Team website and Social Media
  • All athletes have access to purchase team kits and logo’d apparel
  • Invites to all Team Races (Includes Ironman 70.6 and Ironman 140.6)
  • Get written workouts from Coach Erin for your group workouts
  • Perks & Support!
  • Recruit 4 active members – Get a Team Logo Banner
  • Recruit 6 active members – Coach Erin will come to your town for a training camp weekend.
  • Recruit 8 active members – Get 6pack of Team signs
  • Recruit 10 active members – Get a Big Pistachio Team Rally Flag
  • Recruit 15 active members – Get a Logo’d Team 10×10 Tent​

For more information on our Satellite teams email Erin Truslow