The Podcast where athletes get together over a few beverages and talk about their favorite subject…themselves and their sport.

Episode 1

Cat Adkins episode 1 drunk athtlete podcast

Cat Adkins

Welcome to Episode 1 of Drunk Athlete Podcast! Cat Adkins stops by the Drunk Athlete Studio from FoxCat Events joins me for our first Drunk Athlete Podcast. She opens up about her own personal health history and her journey into Triathlon. #BlameitonCarrie

Episode 2

Drunk Athlete Episode two - Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen

Welocme to Episode 2. I am so honored to have Laurie Allen join me in the Drunk Athlete studio for a glass of Joel Gott Cabernet as we talk about her 9 Ironman races, Ballet, Xterra and her new normal. #RelentlessForwardProgress


Episode 3

Drunk Athlete Podcast Episode 3 - Stewart and Sam

Stewart & Sam

Welcome to Episode 3. This Podcast gets a little crazy with my two friends that stop by the Drunk Athlete studio for some beers. We talk about Triathlon, a collapsed Lung, being Married Gay InterRacial Couple within sport and so much more with Christopher Stewart Mickler-Lemelle and Samuel LeMelle.  Grab a beer and join us! #IShitRainbows


Episode 4

Courtney Oaks

Introducing Courtney Oaks!  An amazing young woman who was misdiagnosed with an aggressive Cancer when the doctors found a grapefruit size tumor in her chest cavity, she lost over 70lbs and just completed her first triathlon.  Listen to this inspiring woman as she talks about all of the realizations that life is short and she needed to check some things off of her #BucketList.


Episode 5

Christina Edwards Episode 5 drunk athlete podcast

Christina Edwards

Welcome to Episode 5. Sit in on a great conversation on how Christina Edwards got from Soccer to Triathlon and how a busy working mom of two keeps it all together. #TriMom


Episode 6

Mike Carter

Join me for a few Shiner Bock Beers and meet the incredible Mike Carter! We talk about Xterra, Ironman and his passion for Tennis (balls). This humble and understated yet total badass of an athlete shares some of his best memories of racing, which includes going to Xterra World Championships 7 times!

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Episode 7

Carrie Barrett episode 7 drunk athlete

Carrie Barrett

I talked Carrie Sapp Barrett to stop by the Drunk Athlete studio with her guitar and we had a blast. Our first interactive “”Live”” audience was there to enjoy the show. #IBroughtMyCans

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Episode 8

Jason Richardson episode 8 El Capitan

Jason Richardson

Meet Jason Richardson. He started off as a soccer player turned wrestler turned surfer, rock climber and kite surfer! His busy career has him traveling the globe and hanging out with the coolest of the cool people in the music and tech industries. #HeIsSingleLadies

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Episode 9

Jason Savill

Welcome to Episode 9. Today we chat with Jason Savill an athlete with a long and extensive career in cycling crossing over from Endruo, Cross Country, Downhill, BMX, Mountain Biking and racing Xterra and a few Triathlons along the way. This super humble and talented athlete has got some really great projects he is working on and passionate about. #TheyCallMeKiwi

Our Guest Today: Jason Savill

Run What You Brung Blog https://stemcaps.com/blogs/news

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Episode 10

Brian Leib Episode 10 drunk athlete

Brian Leib

I can’t believe we are already at Episode 10! I sat down with a long time friend, Brian Leib who is a 42 year old lover of things with wheels. He’s a race car driver turned bicycle industry sales rep. He rides too much, still plays with cars, doesn’t drink enough beer, gets bossed around by his dog Bode, and he’s known to flash the middle finger at photographers. At least he eats real food again… when he isn’t drinking #RecoverySlurpee

Our Guest Today: Brian Leib

Episode 11

Will Ross

Welcome to Episode 11 Today we chat with Cat1 Cyclist Will Ross, who has a passion for all things cycling and spreading that passion and joy to kids, by teaching how to ride.


Our Guest Today: Willy Ross



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Episode 12

Erin Truslow

Welcome to Episode 12 Today we chat with….well….. me! My show was hijacked by Logan J. Delaware and he got to ask me some buring questions over a few Guns & Oil American Lager beers. #Paypback

Our Guest Today: Erin Truslow




Episode 13

The Ladies and Vic

Welcome to Episode 13 Today we chat with and incredible group of women that inspire me daily to keep doing what I am doing. These women range in age from 59 to 80 years old and race triathlon on a regular basis. Join us and listen to how they started, epic fails, recovering from injury and what’s next. #TheLadiesandVic

Our Guest Today: Kim Hanford, Elle Shelley, Jody Kelly, Julie Wolf, June and Vic Black

Episode 13

Robert Reed

Welcome to Episode 14. This brutally honest conversation with former professional football player Robert Reed goes to the next level. First we talk in depth about his life as a kid and in football, especially with the University of Texas Longhorns. Then he opens up about his injuries, Martial Arts, Chronic Pain, his addiction to pain killers and thoughts of suicide. It is only with 100% of his approval that I can release this unedited raw conversation. #WarMachine

This episode has some very adult content, please listen with intent and respect.

Our Guest Today: Robert Reed

Episode 15

Mallory Brooks

Welcome to Episode 15. This week we get to talk to this badass Trail Runner and Mountaineer Mallory Brooks who recently claimed the FKT (Fastest Known Time) for the Wonderland Trail with Allison Macsas. Join me in a fun chat about Mallory’s life growing up climbing mountains to her epic and sometimes ridiculous adventures in trail running. #JesusofTrailRunning

Check you this great video on Mallory and Allison’s Wonderland Trail adventure. https://youtu.be/pqDUZpv7wiM

Our Guest Today: Mallory Brooks

For Spectrum Trail Race series information go to http://spectrumtrailracing.com

To contact Mallory email: SpectrumTrail@gmail.com

Episode 16

Holly Kyle

Welcome to Episode 16. Say “”Hello”” to Holly Kyle a mom, triathlete and Breast Cancer survivor. Learn about her story going from Ironman to Adrenal Fatigue to a Breast Cancer diagnosis. Her story is inspiring and heart warming.


Our Guest Today: Holly Kyle

To contact Holly you can find her on Facebook Holly Kyle and check out her blog at www.holdinghandswiththebeginning.com

Episode 17

Cate Barrett

Welcome to Episode 17. Today we sit down with super fast Cate Barrett, an Austinite with a passion for running. We talk about growing up as a runner, running local races and developing a team for the 2020 US Team Olympic Marathon Trials. #BookClub.

Our Guest Today: Cate Barrett

To contact Cate you can find her on Facebook Cate Barrett, Instagram @BeingCate or email her at catejwbarrett@gmail.com

Check out Rogue Running Sole Survivors https://www.roguerunning.com/training-programs/year-round/sole-survivors/”

Episode 18

Leo Manzano

Welcome to Episode 18. Wow! I can’t believe I am introducing Olympic Sliver Medalist Leo Manzano to Drunk Athlete. We talk about everything from growing up, wanting to be an Astronaut, his love of Country Music, UT, his coaches, the Olympic Village and what he has planned for the 2020 Olympics. #FastestManontheMoon

Our Guest Today: Leo Manzano

To contact Leo you can find him on Facebook Leo M Manzano, Instagram @leomanzano

Check out Hoka One One at https://www.hokaoneone.com

Episode 19

Pablo Gomez

Welcome to Episode 19 This interview was so easy and so much fun. Getting to know Pablo Gomez was an incredible experience. He is such a young athlete with a great head on his shoulders. Pablo tells all in his humble and sincere way. Listen to this great podcast of the #InternationalSuperStar

This episode is sponsored by: Patron Michelle Hittner and the Austin Massage Company https://austinmassagecompany.com

Our Guest Today: Pablo Gomez Borrero

To contact Pablo you can find him on Facebook at Pablo Gomez, Instagram @Pablitogomezb

Episode 20

Michael Ayer

Welcome to Episode 20 Introducing Michael Ayer. A self-proclaimed “”Fat Kid”” turned triathlete and marathon runner. Listen as he talks about dealing with his fears on the bike and his changing nutritional needs. #LTDTCTT

Our Guest Today: Michael Ayer

Episode 21

Austin Beer Mile Special

Welcome to Episode 21 The Austin Beer Mile Special ~ Drunk Athlete Podcast takes to the streets and does their first on location show at the 12th annual Austin Beer Mile. #NobodyLikesAQuitter

Our Guest Today: Austin Beer Mile, featuring Cat Adkins, Logan Delaware, Buffy Weaver, Stewart Mickler, Andrea Fisher and Jason Herd

To contact Austin Beer Mile, follow them on Facebook

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Episode 22

Iram Leon

Welcome to Episode 22 Say Hello to Iram J. Leon, his friends call him J. Mostly because they can’t pronounce Iram correctly. Iram was diagnosed with Grade II Diffuse Astrocytoma Brain Tumor or Brain Cancer. The survival rate is 3 years, as we sit down to chat 2 weeks after his three year mark over some Rum and Coke he tells his story and his love of running, especially with his daughter. #CancerIsATotalChump

Our Guest Today: Iram J. Leon

To contact Iram J. Leon you can find him on Facebook and you can see his story on YouTube.

If you are interested in the Austin Runners Club go to: https://austinrunners.org

Episode 23

Laura Neighbors

Welcome to Episode 23 Welcome to the show Laura Neighbors, a badass female mountain biker with numerous races and wins to her name. Recently she found herself off her bike due to progressive back pain. After a surgery she is learning how to start over from the very basics. This inspiring conversation talks about what it takes to break it all down and build it back up. #NewNormal

Our Guest Today: Laura Neighbors

To contact Laura Neighbors you can find her on Facebook at Laura Neighbors and Instagram at ATXMTBChic

For more information on Laura’s Women’s only rides and clinics with Bicycle Sport Shop go to www.bicyclesportshop.com

Episode 24

Whitley Atkins

Welcome to Episode 24 This episode features a strong, smart and beautiful from the inside out female Triathlete. She grew up in sports, but didn’t find her passion for cycling and triathlon till college. We sit down just hours after she returned from a race in Colombia. Learn about Whitley Atkins and her struggles with Celiac’ disease. #TripleThreat

Our Guest Today: Whitley Atkins

To contact Whitley Atkins you can find her on Facebook at Whitley Atkins and Instagram at WhitleyCatheryn

For more information on Celiac disease you can go to Celiac.org

Episode 25

3M Half Marathon

“Welcome to Episode 25. It’s a Special Episode about the 3M Half Marathon on January 21st in Austin Texas. This episode will give you all the information you need to know to have a great race! #3mhalfmarathon

Our Guest Today: 3M Half Marathon with William Dyson

To contact William Dyson at High Five Events you can find him at william@highfiveevents.com. Facebook at 3M Half Marathon and Instagram at 3mhalfmarathon

Episode 26

Logan J Delaware

Welcome to Episode 26. The Grand Finale of the 2017 season. This show was recorded on Christmas day with lots of family and friends around to listen in. Logan J. Delaware, founder of Big Mouth Announcing in Austin Tx tells us about how he started his announcing career, his 4 Ironman races, growing up in Maine and so much more. Join us for the hilarious conversation with this amazing friend. #TheManTheMythTheLegend

Our Guest Today: Logan J. Delaware

To contact Logan Delaware of Big Mouth Announcing you can find him at logan@bigmouthannouncing.com. Facebook at Logan J Delaware and Instagram at BigMouthAnnouncing

Episode 27

Andrew Willis

Part 3

“Welcome to Episode 27 part 3. Join me for part 3 of this EPIC conversation with Ultra Endurance Cyclist and Founder of Holland Racing and Special Events in Austin Texas. Andrew Willis is an incredible cyclist with a list as long as your arm of wins in the Ultra community. In this episode I ask a ton of questions and talk about all of the upcoming Holland Racing Events. #thenextrealm

Part 2

“Welcome to Episode 27 part 2. Join me for part 2 of this EPIC conversation with Ultra Endurance Cyclist and Founder of Holland Racing and Special Events in Austin Texas. Andrew Willis is an incredible cyclist with a list as long as your arm of wins in the Ultra community. In this episode we pick off from where he meets his wife and decides to do his first Ultra Race. #UltraAF

Part 1

Welcome to Episode 27 part 1. Join me for this EPIC conversation with Ultra Endurance Cyclist and Founder of Holland Racing and Special Events in Austin Texas. Andrew Willis is an incredible cyclist with a list as long as your arm of wins in the Ultra community. Learn about how he first got started in cycling and how his dreams of winning the Tour de France drove him to a life on the bike.


Episode 28

Hill Abel

Welcome to Episode 28 with Austin Icon Hill Abell, owner of Bicycle Sport Shop. He fell in love with cycling at a young age and love mountain biking in Austin. He is an advocate and philanthropist for cycling. He’s been on the board of IMBA, Bike Austin, Bicycle Coalition, B Cycle and so much more. Hill tells us how he got started, and where BSS is going. #AustinIcon

Our Guest Today: Hill Abell

To contact Hill Abell, you can find him on Facebook at Hill Abell and working at one of his 5 Bicycle Sport Shop location.

Don’t forget to register for the Real Ale Ride coming in May

Episode 29

Austin Marathon

Welcome to Episode 29. It’s our Austin Marathon Special. William Dyson with High Five Events joins me again to chat about the entire race weekend. Everything you need to know about the Austin Marathon, Austin Half Marathon, Austin Marathon 5k Race, and the Manzano Mile presented by Dole is in this episode. #AustinMarathon

Register today! www.youraustinmarathon.com

Our Guest Today: William Dyson

To contact William Dyson, you can find him at his email address or on Instagram

Episode 30

Natasha Van Der Merwe

Welcome to Episode 30. Today we talk to Pro Triathlete Natasha Van De Merwe from South Africa, now living in Austin Texas. It was a great getting to know her so much better and learning more about her life growing up, all the way to becoming a fantastic mother. #Champy

Our Guest Today: Natasha Van De Merwe

To contact Natasha Van De Merwe, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram @natashavdm81

Episode 31

Pace Bend ultra

Welcome to Episode 31. It’s the Pace Bend Ulta Special Episode with lots of special guest interviews and behind the scenes look at Ultra Cycling. #LetsGetDizzy

Our Guest Today: Logan Delaware, Rick Boethling, Matt DeMartino, Nicole Voleck, Shane Traughber, Dex Tooke, Kate Delaware

For the 2018 Results go to: https://www.pacebendultra.com

Check out RAAM at http://raceacrossamerica.org

Check out NCOM at http://www.ultradex.net/ncom-home

Thank you to Holland Racing for such a great event.

Episode 32

Christy Tracy

Welcome to Episode 32. I got to sit down with National Road Racing Masters Champion Christie Tracy over a few Nuun-a-ritas and find out what drives her insatiable quest for speed. #ComebackKid

Our Guest Today: Christie Tracy

Facebook: Christie Harrison Tracy

Instagram TXPaleoRacer

Episode 33

Austin Marathon Expo

Welcome to Episode 33. I was invited to attend the Austin Marathon Expo and interview the athletes running the Marathon and Half Marathon. I learned a LOT from the Pacers and some of the out of town guests. If you listen to the end you’ll learn a little something special about me. I want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to say HI or grab some swag. It was great meeting you all.

Our Guests Today: (in order of appearance) Michelle Hittner, Stewart Mickler, Sam Lemelle, Elaine Chung, Matt Fletcher, Patrick Hall, Nora Colligan, Jim Moore, Michelle Ryan, Robert Nathan, David Fuentes, Roger Moore, Joel Stanford, Kapler Burnett, and Mark Wignall. #WeRunThisTown #RunAustin18

Episode 34

Buffy Weaver

Welcome to Episode 34. Yea!! I got to interview my good friend Claudia (Buffy) Weaver. A triathlete turned Ultra Trail Runner and mother of two young kids. Have a listen as we drink some wine and discuss all things including how running in the dark is the start of every Horror movie! #BoxWine

Our Guests Today: Buffy Weaver #BoxWine You can find Buffy on Facebook as Buffy Weaver and on Instagram as @BuffyRobinson

Episode 35

Marcus Cook

Welcome to Episode 35. This is my biggest guest to date. Literally. Just a few years ago Marcus Cook was 515lbs and now is an Ironman and on his way to his second Ironman. Listen to Marcus’s story as we laugh and cry through his journey. #bigtolittle #morecowbell

Our Guests Today: Marcus Cook. You can find him at http://www.bigtolittle.com – http://bigtolittle.com, on Facebook at BigtoLittle and on Instagram at BigtoLittle.

Episode 36

Michelle Cleveland

Welcome to Episode 36. My guest had two options, get a pacemaker or get a pacemaker. My candid chat with Michelle McWhirter Cleveland about growing up in Canada, Swimming since the age of 2 and ignoring the signs of a failing heart. #warningsigns #asideofclam

If you think you are having signs of a Heart Attack or Heart Failure of any kind call 911 immediately and see your doctor.

Our Guests Today: Michelle Cleveland can be found on Facebook under Michelle Cleveland, on Instagram at Macwhirter and at http://primal-endurance.com

Episode 37

The Driveway

Welcome to Episode 37. The great people of Holland Racing and Special Events invited Drunk Athlete out to The Driveway Opening Night. We got to interview a lot of great people with great stories. Thank you to my guests on the show Brad Houston, Davis Tucker, Matt Sodnicar, Josh Hines, and my dentist Dr. Gregg Ueckert. #DrivewaySeries #Alright

Our Guests Today: Brad Houston / Brad Houston Law, Davis Tucker from NXNW Brewery, Matt Sodnicar from BH Bikes, The Warm Front and The Matt Sodnicar Podcast, Josh Hines who rode Chef Cycle, and Dr. Gregg Ueckert

For more information on Don’t Fear the Finger, NXNW, BH Bikes, Chef Cycle No Kid Hungry or the Driveway Series, just click on the links above.

Episode 38

Gary Metcalf

Welcome to Episode 38. My next guest, Gary Metcalf co-owner and founder of Cadence Sports. Gary is a triathlete, former cyclist and former soccer player, who found himself biting off more than he could chew and somehow managed to turn it all around. #CriticalRootZones

Our Guests Today: Gary Metcalf from Cadence Sports. You can find Gary on Facebook and Instagram at @garymetcalf22

For more information on Livestrong, Pelotonia, Texas Mamma Jamma Ride and the Susan G. Koman events, just click on the links above.

Episode 39

Alyssa Magrum

Welcome to Episode 39. My guest this week is the super energetic Alissa Magram, a badass mountain biker/Xterra athlete and an advocate for preventable drowning. This conversation talks about her life growing up with Soccer, Basketeball and Diving and how she moved to the bike, and founded the team Do Awesome. #Bacon #BestDayEver

Our Guests Today: Alissa Magram you can find Alissa on Facebook and Instagram @Alissaruns26

For more information on Colin’s Hope , Team Do Awesome and the World Bicycle Relief just click on the links.

Episode 40

Dan Pedroza

Welcome to Episode 40 Let’s give a big welcome to Mr. Dan Pedroza with Velo View Bike Tours and Eagle Transmisson. Dan is an accomplished cyclist and self proclaimed #jackofallterrain and #masterofdumb. However, he seems like a pretty smart guy to me! Join me for this great conversation.

Our Guests Today: Dan Pedroza #JackofallTerrain

For more information on Velo View Bike Tours or Eagle Transmission see the websites. You can follow Dan at IG @Dan.Pedroza @VeloViewTexas Facebook at Dan Pedroza@VeloViewBikeTours and website Velo View Bike Tours

Episode 41

Pamela Ferguson

Welcome to Episode 41 Super power woman Pamela Ferguson joins me for a lovely conversation over a great bottle of wine and talked all things cycling and triathlon. #SeatoSee

Our Guests Today: Pamela Ferguson #SeatoSee

For more information on Pamela Ferguson you can find her on Instagram @pamelaanne633 or on Facebook at Pamela Anne Ferguson. And for more information on project Sea To See check out their facebook page and please consider making a donation. Team Haute Wheelscan be found on Facebook as well

Episode 42

kelly williamson

Welcome to Episode 42 The Colorado Series part 1 with Former Pro Triathlete Kelly Handel Williamson. Kelly had a very long career as a professional Triathlete with many, many wins to her name including Ironman Texas 2014. Listen to our candid conversation over Colorado Eddy line Beer about what’s next for her.

Our Guests Today: Kelly Handel Williamson #MeatFight

For more information on Kelly Williamson or coaching inquiries, you can find her on Instagram or on Facebook and her website http://kellyhwilliamson.com.

And for more information on Durata Trainingand the MS Project 13 and Meat Fight

Episode 43

Connie Phinney

Welcome to Episode 43 The Colorado Series part 2 with Cycling Legend Connie Carpenter Phinney. Connie started her athletic career on the ice in Wisconsin as a Speed Skater going to the Olympics. She was the youngest female to race in the Winter Olympics in 1972. She also was a Rower before getting super serious with cycling. She is a 4 time Medalist at Worlds Cycling Championships, Won Gold in the 1984 Olympics and retired the next day. She is in the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame, the US Bicycling Hall of Fame and the US Olympic Hall of Fame. Wife of Davis Phinney, mother of Taylor and Kelsey Phinney and Co-Founder of the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Our Guests Today: Connie Carpenter Phinney #Legend

For more information on Connie Carpenter Phinney you can find her on Facebook and for information on the Davis Phinney Foundation please go to the website and make a donation.

Episode 44

Matt Daniels

Welcome to Episode 44 Part 3 of the Colorado Series. I had a great time getting to know runner Matt Daniels in Boulder Colorado at Go Far Running Store on Pearl St. We talked all forms of running including his 3:59 minute mile all the way to becoming an Ultra Mountain Runner, his time in the Navy, living in Hawaii and setting the #FKT on Mauna Kea and so much more. Check out this great episode of this #MostVersatileRunner

Our Guests Today: Matt Daniels #MostVersatileRunner

For more information on Matt Daniels you can find him on Facebook and Instagram at @MattDaniels480 Check out Sufferfest Brewery, Fly By Pilsner, beer made by athletes for athletes.

Episode 45

Grant Holicky

Welcome to Episode 45 Part 4 of the Colorado Series. This interview was so much fun! I got to side down and drink a Denver Beer Company Graham Cracker Porter with Grant Holicky of Apex Coaching and Rally Sport Boulder. Grant has done everything…. and now coaches just about everything! From age groupers to World Champions you’ll love listening to this conversation. #BrianLeib

Our Guests Today: Grant Holicky #BrianLeib

Episode 46

AVP Qualifiers from austin

Welcome to Episode 46 It’s the LuluLemon VIP Lounge for the AVP Austin at MADabolic. I got to hang out in the VIP lounge for the AVP qualifiers and interview Professional Volleyball players. It was a Party!! #BeachMode

Our Guests Today: Rob McLean, Jake Urrutia, Mark Burik, Nate Yang, Steven Irvin, Joanna Rogerson, Jon Guida, and Ryan Bering

For more information on these athletes, you can find them all on Facebook and Instagram. Rob McLean @anothervbguy, Jake Urrutia @Jake_Urrutia, Mark Burik @markburik, Nate Yang @nenebrid16, Steven Irvin @steven.irvin, Joanna Rogerson @jerogerz, Jon Guida @Jonmguida, Ryan Bering @ryberning

Episode 47

Dr. Richard Hansen

Welcome to Episode 47 part 5 of the Colorado Series. Today we talk with Dr. Richard Hansen of the Roots Running Project and two of his athletes Alia Gray and Willie Milam. We discuss how to coach high level elite athletes with Olympic goals, how to start up an elite training program and how to handle injury. #RootsRunning

Our Guests Today: Dr. Richard Hansen, Alia Gray & Willie Milam

For more information on these athletes, you can find them all on Facebook and Instagram. Roots Running, Dr. Richard Hansen, Alia Grayand Willie Milam. To order your pair of 361 Running shoes go to the 361 Shop

Episode 48

Dr. Allen lim

Welcome to Episode 48 part 6 of the Colorado Series. I got to meet an idol of mine, and amazingly funny and brilliant man, Dr. Allen Lim. Sports physiologist, Cycling Coach, and Founder of Skratch Labs Hydration and Nutrition.

Our Guests Today: Dr. Allen Lim #SorryYoda

Keeping it real with hydration science and practice to make you faster – video

For more information on Dr. Allen Limyou can find him on the Skratch Labs website, on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 49

matt sodnicar

Welcome to Episode 49 part 7 of the Colorado Series. This fun relaxed interview with entrepreneur and cyclist Matt Sodnicar in Parker Colorado over some interesting beer choices!

Our Guests Today: Matt Sodnicar #DiaDeLosMuertos

For more information on Matt Sodnicar you can find him on the on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 50


Welcome to Episode 50. I got to interview 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Ricky Berens!! Our candid conversation took place in his office over a few Hops and Grain “”The One They Call Zoe””. I ask all the dumb questions and he has all the answers. I learned so much about the life of an Olympian and a swimmer.

Our Guests Today: Ricky Berens #FreeStyle

For more information on Ricky Berens you can find him on the on Instagram at @RCBerens and at RickyBerens.com

Episode 51


Welcome to Episode 51. He has a special set of skills…. and I got him to slow down to chat about them on Drunk Athlete. My friend Matt Harmatuk may be the fastest transition west of the Mississippi, did you know there is a 400m track named after him in Kandahar? Check out why we call him #TwinkleToes but he is really #Superman to many.

Our Guests Today: Matt Harmatuk #Twinkletoes

Dell Childrens Hospital and the Austin Police Super Heros https://youtu.be/9BEFPG9fFa0

Episode 52

amy and brandon marSH

Welcome to Episode 52. I was excited to check off another dream interview from my “”list”” with former pro triathletes Amy and Brandon Marsh. We got to talk about how they came to triathlon, their favorite races, and what retirement looks like after Leukemia. #OG #TeamMarsh

Our Guests Today: Amy and Brandon Marsh #OG #TeamMarsh

You can find out more about Amy and Brandon Marsh and their coaching services at www.teammarsh.com and follow them on Instagram for some sweet swim workouts @abmarshtx

Episode 53


Welcome to 53 She’s my new girl crush, a mom, a cyclist, business owner and founder of the Wolfpack. Meet Kelly Barrientes #Wolfpack

Our Guests Today: Kelly Barrientes #Wolfpack

You can find Kelly on Facebook at Kelly Hayes Barrientes and on Instagram at TeamWolfPackRacing

Episode 54

paul terranova

Welcome to 54 One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. This badass is a 3 time Ironman Kona Finisher, the Pacer captain for the Austin Marathon, Hoka athlete, and the only person to ever attempt and complete the Grand Kona Slam. Let’s meet Paul Terranova

Our Guests Today: Paul Terranova #GrandKonaSlam

You can find Paul on Facebook at Paul Terranova and on Instagram at PSTerranova

Episode 55

john myrick

Welcome to EPI 55 I got to meet someone totally new and super cool. His sport is literally death defying. Meet John Myrick is more than a career climber, he is a coach and why there are Collegiate level climbing programs in the US. #SpeedRoute

Our Guests Today: John Myrick #SpeedRoute

You can find Paul on Facebook at John Myrick and Texas Rock Climbing, and online at


Episode 56

david fuentes

Welcome to 56 Born in Boerne Texas, calls Austin Home, and he has the pulse on the best taco in Austin. Learn all about runner David Fuentes and his fun racing and mountain running stories, his passion for running. #TacoIndustry

Our Guest Today: David Fuentes #TacoIndustry

You can find more information on David Fuentes on Instagram @DavidFuent and on his website http://www.davidfuent.com


Episode 57


Welcome to 57 On my most recent trip to Boulder Colorado I stopped by Training Peaks and chatted with their educators Dave Shell and Cody Stephenson over some local Kombucha and Colorado Upslope and Avery Brewery beers #ResultsStartHere

Our Guests Today: Dave Shell & Cody Stephenson #ResultsStartHere

You can find more information on Training Peaks at https://app.trainingpeaks.com Both Dave and Cody can be found on Facebook.

Episode 58

marc bergman

Welcome to 58 This runner was hard to catch and nail down for this interview. I am so glad we got this interesting story of Marc Bergman who has run 47 marathons and on his way to 48. #MarathonMan

Our Guests Today:Marc Bergman #MarathonMan

You can follow Marc on Strava , Facebook, or Instagram @marcb512. 

Episode 59

josh hare

Welcome to 59 What could be better than an ice cold local craft beer on a hot August afternoon with a friend? Join me for a fun and informative conversation with the founder of Hops and Grain Brewery, Josh Hare. #HopsandGrain

Our Guests Today:Josh Hare #HopsandGrain

You can follow Josh or Hops and Grain , Facebook or Instagram

Episode 60

Dr. Ben rawson

Welcome to 60 I got to sit down and talk to multi Ironman, former Air Force Flight Surgeon, Dr. Ben Rawson from CHARM in Austin about regenerative therapies for athletes over a few Dogfish Head 60min IPA’s. #IronmanDoc

Our Guests Today:Dr. Ben Rawson #IronmanDoc

You can find out more about CHARM at www.charmaustin.com or follow Ben Rawson on Facebook.

Episode 61


Welcome to EPI 61 When your guest has an amazing Australian accent you pay attention! Professional Triathlete Paul “”Barny”” Matthews sits down with me over a few Coopers’ Beers and talks about life in Australia, and the US. His professional career and mentions some of the superstar athletes he has trained and raced with.

Our Guests Today:Paul “”Barny”” Matthews #FeeltheBarn

You can find out more about Paul Matthews at his website www.paulbarnymatthews.com, and on Facebook. Check out his Coaching options/

Episode 62

chris kimbrough

Welcome to EPI 62 She found running after her third child, and discovered it was a natural fit. She qualified for the Olympic Trails in 2007 and with a total of 6 kids now she held the World Record for the Beer Mile with a 6:28 in 2014. My guest Chris Kimbrough talks to us about how it all got started with her Coach Carmen Ayala-Troncoso and Rogue Running.

Our Guests Today:Chris Master Kimbrough #BeerMileMom

If you’d like to get a massage from Chris, contact the Knot Detective for an appointment. https://knotdetective.com You can follow Chris on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/masterskimbrough

Episode 63

austin beer mile 2018

Welcome to EPI 63 We are back for our 2nd annual Austin Beer Mile play by play. We had a great time this year with special Co-Hosts Cat Adkins and Frank Hinnant. The competition was tough with two former official Beer Mile record holders battling it out. Lots of Drunk Athletes make a great showing.

Our Guests Today:Austin Beer Mile #beerme

If you’d like to follow Austin Beer Mile on Facebook you can find them https://www.facebook.com/austin.beermile 

Episode 64

hollie kenney

Welcome to EPI 64 Today’s guest is former Pro Triathlete Hollie Kenny. We chatted about her upbringing in sports, her very funny experience outside the Energy Lab in Kona and her amazing daughters adventurous side.

Our Guests Today:Hollie Kenney #LessisMore

If you’d like to follow Hollie Kenney on Facebook you can find her https://www.facebook.com/hollieMkenney

To find out more about the Texas Beef Council and Team Beef go to https://www.txbeefteam.org

Episode 65

stephan schwarze

Welcome to EPI 65 Today’s guest has raced 60 Ironman over his career and tons of shorter distance races. Born and raised in Germany he took the long way to get to Austin Texas. Meet Stephan Schwarze author of “”Control your Success”” available now on Amazon. #ControlYourSuccess””

Our Guests Today:Stephan Schwarze #ControlYourSuccess””

To buy Stephan’s book on Amazon go to https://www.amazon.com/Stephan-Schwarze/e/B07HBQV782

To Inquire about coaching services go to: https://cognitri.com

You can find Stephan Schwarze on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stephan.schwarze

Episode 66

mike thompson

“Welcome to EPI 66 Today’s guest is a self proclaimed Taco Critic, and Grammer Snob, but really he is a 4x Cancer Survivor / Ironman who is on a mission to change the World one day at a time. Please meet Mr. Mike Thompson

Our Guests Today:Mike Thompson “”LooksShortStandTall””

You can find Mike Thompson on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mikethompsonx4 or on Instagram at MikeThompsonx4

Check out the Infiniti youtube video here https://youtu.be/r7-7YNkRoR8

Episode 67


Welcome to EPI 67 I was so very excited to get the enitre Dasso family in the studio to chat. This amazing athletic family is one fun bunch to hang out with and tell stories. Learn how the daughters inspired their parents to do Triathlon and how mom is their coach and educator! Say hello to Ted, Sara, Faith and Clare. #TeamDasso

Our Guests Today:Ted, Sara, Faith and Clare Dasso #TeamDasso

You can find Team Dasson on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sara.dasso and Instgram at @TeamDasso https://www.instagram.com/teamdasso/

For information or to donate on Alpha Multisport go to: https://www.alphamultisport.org/our-team/

Episode 68

shane traughber

Welcome to EPI 68 A native Texas from the start and never really left. Basketball, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, Gymnastics, Cycling he has done it all. However, in High School he found himself becoming obese. Through nutrition he found not only healthy weight, but a love of the science of food and how humans process it. Join Coach Erin for this interview with Shane Traughber of Traughber Nutrition and stay tuned as we announce a new Drunk Athlete Bonus project called Recoverin’.

Our Guests Today:Shane Traughber #LookBetterNaked

You can find Shane Traughber on:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/straughber

Intagram https://www.instagram.com/traughbernutrition/

Twitter https://twitter.com/traughbernutr

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/straughber/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/st01111990

Website https://traughbernutrition.com

Episode 69

patrick pressgrove

Welcome to EPI 69 Born with a rare birth defect, cleft lip and palate, he found new parents through the foster care system. Patrick Pressgrove didn’t let any of the set backs he was born with slow him down. Now a double amputee and athlete this guest will leave you inspired to reach for more. Join me for this honest, and frank conversation with this amazing human. #Catapult

Be sure to listen to the end. There is a special outakes segment!

Our Guests Today: Patrick Pressgrove #Catapult

You can find Patrick Pressgrove on:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ppressgrove

Intagram https://www.instagram.com/phtptxclsv/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-pressgrove-5369bb3a/

YouTube https://youtu.be/9tXHohV35ck

Strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/13532717

For more information on Team Catapult go to: https://www.teamcatapult.org

For more information on Mind over Matter go to: https://www.mindovermatterathlete.com

Episode 70

marcus cook

“Welcome to EPI 70 Marcus Cook is back to update us on his epic journey to Ironman World Championships. You’ll laugh your ass off and possibly get choked up with us as he recalls that incredible month in Kona. Marcus even calls his good friend Andrew Starykowicz for some Ironman Pro details. #TillICollapse

Our Guests Today: Marcus Cook #TillICollapse

You can find Marcus Cook on:

Website http://bigtolittle.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Marcusdcook

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bigtolittle/

Strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/13014367?oq=marcus

Episode 71

john conley

Welcome to EPI 71 We got a history lesson in the sport of running with this guest. He has been in the running industry since 1979 and has served in a variety of roles as Running Consultant, Race Director, Elite Athlete Coordinator, Sports Journalist, professional athlete, manager, coach…he has done it all. Grab a beer, a pen and paper and take notes, you are about to be schooled. Welcome my honored guest John Conley.

Our Guests Today: John Conley #HistoryLesson

You can find John Conely on:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/john.conley.587

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/conley7051/

Episode 72

david wenger

Welcome to EPI 72 Spring is in the air, and the air is in our tires! It’s time to ride our bikes so Drunk Athlete sat down with bike racer and coach David Wenger from Durata Training to get the low down on the racing scene in Austin Texas, and to find out how you eat 2014 Tacos in one year.

Our Guests Today:David Wenger #2014Tacos

You can find David Wenger on:

Website: http://duratatraining.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wengerdave

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sleepydeew/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/q1r316PVxCQ

Episode 73

scott flathouse

Welcome to EPI 73 an Austinite who moved to the Houston area and found a passion love for taking photos of athletes doing what they do best. An engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry turned photoshop professional. You are going to want Scott to take your picture!

Our Guests Today:Scott Flathouse #SayCheese

You can find Scott Flathouse on:

Website: http://Scottflathousephoto.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ScottFlathousePhotography/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scottflathousephoto/

Other links to check out:






Episode 74


Welcome to EPI 74 He is what I call a quite cowboy, little talk but all action. He says he was supposed to be a #RocketSurgeon. John Chung has found himself taking on awesome endurance challenges such as Alaskaman, Noorseman and so many others.

Our Guests Today: John Chung #RocketSurgeon

You can find John Chung on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/john.chung.12327

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Episode 75


Welcome to EPI 75 Meet James Balentine, former Pro BMX Cyclist, Expert Mountain Biker, Team Mechanic for USA Triathlon Team and USA Paraolympic Team and owner of City Limit Cycle who has an endless supplies of bikes to ride.

Our Guests Today:James Balentine #N+1

You can find James Balentine on:


Episode 76

liz kruetz

Welcome to EPI 76 This World famous Sports Photo Journalist is an original Austinite, UT Grad and Soccer player. But what she is best known for is her amazing photography of famous athletes. We enjoy some Patron margaritas and some great stories.

Our Guests Today:Liz Kreutz #StoryTeller

You can find Liz Kreutz on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.kreutz.3

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lizkreutz/

or at Kreutz Photography and ElizabethKreutz.com

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/ElizabethKreutz

Episode 77

brad houston

Welcome to EPI 77 with my most distinguished guest Mr. Brad Houston also known as the Bicycling Lawyer. Brad and I have a great chat about how he became a defender of cyclists over a few Adelberts Naked Nun’s

Our Guests Today:Brad Houston #BicyclingLaw

You can find Brad Houston on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bradley.l.houston.7

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bradhoustonlaw/

or at http://bradhoustonlaw.com

Episode 78


Welcome to EPI 78 A true Texas original! Meet Ari Perez, the Operating Partner of Fleet Feet Austin, an avid runner and one of the happiest people I have ever met. We chat over a few Twisted X Brewing Company Gulf Kulsch Blonde Ale on the 1 year anniversary of his store opening #Family

Our Guests Today: Ari Perez #Family

You can find Ari Perez on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Stankyfeet10

Instagram / Fleet Feet Austin at https://www.instagram.com/fleetfeetaustin/

or at https://www.fleetfeet.com/s/austin/

Episode 79

connally mckay

Welcome to EPI 79 This bigger than life personality was awesome to talk with. I can’t wait to watch one of his matches. Connally “Meat” McKay and I sit down with some Qui Tequila and talk all things Rugby! I have a feeling we just scratched the surface of his stories! #Haka

Our Guests Today: Connally “Meat” McKay #Haka

You can find Connally McKay on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/connally.mckay

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mckayconnally/

Austin Blacks Rugby https://austinrugby.com

University of Texas Men’s Rugby Team https://www.utrfc.com 

Episode 80

texas rollergirls

Welcome to EPI 80 I get to sit down with Bo Jacks’em and S Pain from the Texas Rollergirls over mimosas!! I learned so much about Roller Derby and the difference between flat track and banked track….and we might have gotten a little tipsy!! #HotRodHoneys

Our Guests Today:#HotrodHoneys

You can find the Texas Rollergirls at:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TexasRollergirls/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/texasrollergirls/

Texas Rollergirls https://www.texasrollergirls.org

Get tickets: https://www.texasrollergirls.org/events/tickets

Episode 81

josh sprague

Welcome to EPI 81 So cool this athlete moved to Austin Texas just to talk to me!!! Ok, not really but I am happy to know Josh Sprague owner and founder of Orange Mud. Orange Mud just moved to the Austin area and we are proud to call it a local company now. Josh and I chat over some Oasis Brewing Company beers and get the whole Orange Mud story!

Our Guests Today:#Clay #OrangeMud

You can find the Orange Mud at https://www.orangemud.com

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/orangemud/

Instagram Orange Mud https://www.instagram.com/orangemud/

Episode 82


“Welcome to EPI 82 Its the Driveway Series Drunk Athlete Podcast ‘Summer is Here ‘ Mini Series P123 Male and Female winners 3x Women’s Masters Road Champion, from team Wolfpack Carolyn Defoore and former Team Jelly Belly Professional, representing Tema Meteor Cyclist Michael Sheenan!

Our Guests Today:#SummerIsHere #DrivewayLife

You can find more information on the Driveway at http://drivewayseries.com


Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DrivewaySeries/

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/drivewayseries/

You can find Carolyn DeFoore

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.defoore

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/carolynofaustin/

You can find Michael Sheehan

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.sheehan.733

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thesheehanimal/ 

Episode 83

shawn bostad

“Welcome to EPI 83 It was soooooo good to catch up with Shawn Bostad who recently moved back to the Austin area from Portland. He is now the new Head Triathlon Coach at University of Texas. #homecoming

You can find more information Shawn Bostad at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sbostad

You can find Steelhead Coaching & Personal Training

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/steelheadpdx

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/steelheadcoaching

You can find UT Triathlon Club

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TexasTriathlon

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/texastriathlon

Website: www.texastriathlon.org

You can find Deer Creek Retreat

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/deercreekhillcountry

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/deercreekhillcountry

Episode 84

shane phillips

Welcome to EPI 84 Fort Worth Texas is in the house with Fitness Expert and Lead Vocalist / Musician Shane Phillips from the band Invisible Riverside over some Hop Fusion Feisty Blonde #InvisibleRiverside

You can find more information Shane Phillips at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ShaneRPhillips

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rshane054

You can find Phillips Fitness

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PhillipsFitnessPersonalTrainingStudio

You can find Invisible Riverside

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/invisibleriverside

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invisibleriverside

Website: https://www.invisibleriverside.com

Green Lotus Hemp – Instagram https://www.instagram.com/greenlotushemp

Episode 85


Welcome to EPI 85 I got to sit down and spend a few hours with Professional Endurance Mountain Biker Payson McElveen on a quick trip home to Austin to preview his new movie Standing Man about setting the FKT at White Rim Trail in Utah. This amazing conversation was really interesting and inspiring for me. #StandingMan

You can find more information Payson McElveen at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/payson.mcelveen

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/paysonmcelveen

Website: https://www.paysonmcelveen.com

You can find The Adventure Stache

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/theadventurestache

Website https://www.paysonmcelveen.com/podcast

Special Thank you to RedBull and Orange Seal

Episode 86

ariana ince

Welcome to EPI 86 This amazing female athlete carries a #BigStick when she isn’t running her own company as an Ergonomic Specialist. We take down a couple of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout t6 ounce beers!

You can find more information Ariana Ince at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ariana.ince

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/arianaince/

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariana_Ince

Website: http://www.m-erg.com

Episode 87

pablo gomez

Welcome to EPI 87 We are LIVE from the Baretto in Austin Texas with Professional Triathlete Pablo Gomez #InternationalSuperStar #Part2. We go over what life is like now that he is a professional athlete.

Special thank you to our sponsors of this show: RunLab Austin, High Five Events, Freedom Solar Power, Holland Racing, Traughber Nutrition, Stewart Mickler Designs, and Big Mouth Announcing.

You can find more information Pablo Gomez at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pablogomeztri93

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pablogomezborrero/

Episode 88


Welcome to EPI 88 It’s the Drunk Athlete Podcast LIVE from the Austin Beer Mile powered by Sufferfest Beer Company, from a secret location in Austin Texas! Drink one down, run around! Who will barf this year, with my co-host from Episode 1 Cat Adkins, and co-co-host from Episode 3 Stewart Mickler….

Special thank you to our sponsors of this show: Sufferfest Beer Company for sponsoring this episode! http://sufferfestbeer.com

You can find more information Austin Beer Mile at

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/austin.beermile

Episode 89

cj west

Welcome to EPI 89 I loved chatting with our guest CJ West for todays episode. We had multiple beers from Austin Beer Works including #LazerSalad. You will love CJ’s stories as he recalls the past, struggles and how he got to where he is now with two locations of The Spokesman.

You can find more information on CJ West

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ceejaydubya

Website: The Spokesman http://www.spokesmancoffee.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/spokesmancoffee/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spokesmancoffee/

Episode 90

anne and jordan mccambridge

Welcome to EPI 90 Todays guests are a super fit and fun couple who bonded over the love of running track. We chat over Sufferfest Beer, about how coming from super athletic families help shape them for the future and for their own kids, and we talk about the new adventure they are on with Spenga. #RideRepRevive.

You can find more information on Anne and Jordan McCambridge

Facebook Anne: https://www.facebook.com/anne.l.mccambridge

Website: https://www.spengalakeline.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spengaaustin/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spengaatx/

Episode 91


Welcome to EPI 91 As we start the new year we sit down to chat with Trail Running Pioneer Joe Prusaitis; founder of Tejas Trails and the Golden Ticket Qualifer race Bandera. Joe and I have a Full Grown Man Child Stout by Tupps out of McKinney Texas. #FriendlyTrails

You can find more information on Joe Prusaitis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joe.prusaitis

Website: https://www.tejastrails.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tejastrailsrunning/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tejastrails/

Episode 92

Small Business'

Welcome to EPI 92 Welcome to a new era.  As much as I prefer face-to-face interviews, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  Today I chat with small business owners and how COVID19 has affected their business.  We are all practicing social distancing by recording this interview from each person’s own home. 

Our guests today are: Cat Adkins (Episode 1) and Mark Wignall from Castro’s Bar & Grill,  Michelle Hittner from Austin Massage Company, Stewart Mickler and Sam Lemelle (Episode 3) from Stewart Mickler Designs and Central Metro Realty, and Jordan and Anne McCambridge (Episode 90) from SPENGA

Apple Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/epi-92-covid19-small-business/id1252783779?i=1000470650494

Episode 93

The event industry

Welcome to EPI 93 We continue the topic of how COVID19 is affecting business’ and today we chat with Event production owners Gary Metcalf of Cadence Sports and Andrew Willis of Holland Racing & Special Events. We are all practicing social distancing by recording this interview from each person’s own home. 

Our guests today are: Gary Metcalf (Episode 38) and Andrew Willis (episode 27 parts 1, 2 &3)  

iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/drunk-athlete/id1252783779 

Episode 94

Team Vignette

Team Vignette

Welcome to EPI 94 Today we social distance with TEAM VIGNETTE!  An adventure racing power team that has no shortage of 1st place wins.  With Jason Mittman from Only Epic, Marcy Beard and David Bogle all joining me with a tasty beverage from their own locations.  We talk all things Adventure racing, mountain climbing, FKT’s, ultra racing and some very interesting details of an unwanted additional teammate! #DoEpicShit

Our guests today are: Jason Mittman, Marcy Beard & David Bogle

You can find more information on Team Vignette: http://www.kipley.com/team/index.html 
Team Vignette Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamVignette/
Primal Quest: https://primalquest.org 
All Electric Project: https://allelectricproject.com/ 
Only Epic: https://www.onlyepic.com


Episode 95

Kyle Klinger

Kyle Klinger

Welcome to EPI 95 Wow!!  It’s been so long since I’ve had someone in the hot seat.  It just seems appropriate that this time it’s a longtime friend who just shared his personal life on National TV in the first season of Labor of Love that aired on Fox.  It was the perfect distraction from our Covid19 Quarantine.  Kyle Klinger and I sit down and chat about his life growing up in Hollywood Florida, his time in the military, playing Volleyball, Triathlon, overcoming medical issues, living life to the fullest, and falling in love in front of millions. #TeamKyle


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KyleKlinger05

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kyleklinger/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyleklinger05

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/klingeruh05


Episode 96

Don Davis, Evan Davis

Episode 96 – SOS Triathlon. I got to travel for this interview, and it was so worth it!!  I got to sit down with Don and Evan Davis of the SOS Triathlon in New York on the day the event would have happened if COVID-19 didn’t. If you are interested in any a different kind of race the Survival of the Shawungunks Triathlon might be the race for you. Learn about the history of this epic bucket list race. #SOSTriathlon #SurvivialoftheShawanunks 


Episode 97

Logan Delaware

Welcome to EPI 97 This is the second time Logan J Delaware has joined us for an interview.  His first episode is 26, if you haven’t listened to that one, go there now and listen to it first!!  This Episode is a bit of a surprise for Logan as he chats about his relationships with people in Austin, I let them say a few words about him.  Yes, it’s an official Drunk Athlete Podcast Toast and Roast!  #EveryoneNeedsALogan

Our guests today is: Logan J Delaware